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A back-to-work meal plan

Well, by now I have survived my first week back at work.  And of course, because it’s the new year, I had grand plans to bring lunch, eat well, save money, all the rest of it.

For the first week at least, I think I did ok.  I had a couple of quiet days at home before I had to go back to work, and I used them to prepare some food and get all set for the week.  I also managed to make a big batch of lamb tagine to freeze for when I’m feeling lazy later on.

I also received a couple of recipe books for Christmas, so I wanted to try them out.

If you’re following this meal plan, the main things you need to do on the weekend are make the quinoa salad (recipe to follow next week) and the zucchini bites – they’ll both keep all week without any problem.  If you feel up to it, put on a pot of chicken stock for the soup as well.

Back-to-work meal plan


Smoothies, plus toast and muesli.


Tess: quinoa salad and papaya salsa.  Lachie: Salami and cheese sandwiches


Tess: zucchini bites. Lachie: zucchini bites and pistachio couscous.


Saturday – Lamb, pumpkin and chickpea tagine

  • I love this recipe, and it’s great for freezing.  Yoghurt and extra nuts are great additions to up the fat content.  I made a couple of extra batches of the couscous as well and put them aside for later in the week.

Sunday  – Pistachio crusted tuna with papaya salsa and broccoli

  • This was a recipe from one of the cookbooks I received, and it was amazing.  I only made half the tuna because there were only two of us, but I made a full batch of the salsa and had the rest of it through the week. (I also saved some of the ground pistachios and mixed them with the leftover couscous and some feta)

Monday – Honey soy chicken

Tuesday – Prawn stir-fry with edamame, asparagus and spinach

Wednesday – Chicken enchiladas

  • This is one of the first recipes I posted on CF Kitchen, and it’s a really great one for loading up the calories.

Thursday – Leek and white bean soup

  • This is another recipe from a cookbook I got at Christmas.  I made a side salad (mostly for me), and cheesy croutons (for Lachie) to go with it.

We went out on Friday.  We deserved it.


Meal planning when everything doesn’t go to plan

Last week was one of those weeks where we departed from our original meal plan quite a bit. Firstly we got to about 6:00 on Sunday without having done the shopping or having the energy to do it. At times like that, having a freezer full of leftovers is a life saver. The red curry below is one of my all time favourite freezer meal.

By the time I did get to the shops (on Tuesday!!!), they didn’t have the lamb racks that I wanted, so I had to improvise with a lamb min-roast.   Finally we decided we wanted to have dinner at home before driving up to Sydney on the Friday, so I had to find something nice and quick to do that night.  The steamed fish is one of my go to lazy/quick dinners and so tasty – always a good thing to have up your sleeve.

Meal plan – Summer plan 2


  • Dinner – Red lentil curry from the freezer  – we both had the same curry, but Lachie had extra yoghurt with his.



  • Lunch – Tess: Egg salad sandwich; Lachie: Salami and cheese salad
  • Snacks – hummus and carrot sticks
  • Dinner -Parmesan crusted lamb mini-roast and zucchini with kale


  • Lunch –  Tess: Egg salad sandwich; Lachie: Salami and cheese salad
  • Snacks – hummus and radish sticks
  • Dinner – Cheesy tomato lasagne


  • Lunch – Tess: Egg salad sandwich; Lachie: Lasagne
  • Dinner – Pomegranate and ginger chicken – I’d seen this recipe on Pinterest, and it was divine (and very pretty).


  • Lunch –  Tess: Egg salad sandwich; Lachie: Lasagne
  • Snacks – hummus and radish sticks
  • Dinner – Steamed fish with bok choi and chilli dressing


  • Lunch – Out
  • Dinner – Out.

Welcome back (and a meal plan)

Hello everyone, it’s been a long time since I posted. I was busy with work, then busy with all the Christmas lead-up stuff, and then I went away.  But now that life has settled down, I’m going to start blogging again.

I’ve also decided to make a few changes to the blog. I’m going to move beyond just writing recipes to write some posts about life with CF (and life in general).

I’m also going to post weekly meal plans, to show how I balance my dietary needs with Lachie’s over the course of a week. As you can see, I don’t make two versions of every meal. Lunches, and the dinners where we don’t eat the same thing also play a big part in ensuring that we both eat the way we’re supposed to. If I make a light meal for dinner, the leftovers will become my lunches, and if it’s a heavier meal, the leftovers become his lunches.

Meal plan – Summer plan 1


  • Brunch – Toast with avocado, smoked salmon and saganaki. Lachie also had a mango smoothie.
  • Dinner – Barbecued salmon and green vegetables (recipe to follow soon)


  • Lunch – Tess: DIY instant soup pot (recipe to follow); Lachie: Rendang curry and rice.
  • Dinner – Thai beef salad with chilli garlic dressing (recipe to follow)


  • Lunch – Tess: Leftover beef salad; Lachie: Chicken korma and rice.
  • Snacks – hummus and carrot sticks
  • Dinner – French onion and lentil soup (recipe to follow) and radish salad


  • Lunch – DIY instant soup pot
  • Snacks – hummus and radish sticks
  • Dinner – Out


  • Lunch – Tess out; Lachie: Chicken korma and rice
  • Dinner – Honey soy chicken and red cabbage


  • Lunch – Tess: DIY instant soup pot; Lachie: Chicken korma and rice
  • Snacks – hummus and radish sticks
  • Dinner – Tess: Chinese omelette and stir-fried veggies. Lachie: Leftover honey soy chicken


  • Lunch – Tess: DIY instant soup pot; Lachie: Leftover onion soup with cheese.
  • Dinner – Out.